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Linux made it possible to build FlowNet


Erann Gat Mike Ciholas Issue #60, April 1999 A look at current state-of-the-art network hardware and protocols with a solution for the slow network problem. We have been using Linux to develop a new high-speed network we call FlowNet. This project has been a “virtual garage” operation, involving only two people, one in California and the other (at various times) ...

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Corel’s NetWinder – NetWinder runs on Linux


Marcel Gagné Issue #60, April 1999 A review of this networking computer from Canada. Manufacturer: Corel Computer URL: http// Price: Varies with model, see web site Reviewer: Marcel Gagné Corel’s NetWinder has to be one of the coolest computers I’ve ever seen. The slick little grey box makes me think of those cream-filled half-moon cakes with a little chunk taken ...

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Chris Brown of Learning Tree International

chris brown

Marjorie Richardson Issue #59, March 1999 Linux enters the mainstream as companies such as Learning Tree and Caldera offer training courses for Linux. Here Learning Tree tells us why they are doing it. Adding further weight to the growing acceptance of Linux as an industrial-strength operating system, Learning Tree International, a world-wide supplier of technology training, recently announced a four-day, ...

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Linux for the International Space Station


Guillermo Ortega Issue #59, March 1999 An overview of two applications for spacecraft and why these applications are being run on Linux. The first element of the International Space Station (ISS) has already been launched from Baikonur, Russia. ISS is the biggest civilian endeavor ever entrusted to human science and technology. Thousands of software code lines are being, and will ...

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Secure Authentication with Biometrics


David Corcoran David Sims Bob Hillhouse Issue #59, March 1999 The cool way to make secure transactions. For centuries, security was synonymous with secrecy. The shared secret—conducting business between two parties who each knew the code—was a worldwide approach. Even in this age of electronics and supercomputers, passwords and PINs are shared between you and the computer or ATM machine ...

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KDE: The K Desktop Environment

linux software

Kalle Dalheimer Issue #58, February 1999 Mr. Dalheimer describes some of the plans being made for future versions of KDE.   The K Desktop Environment (KDE, see has already generated a lot of interest, and many individual users and institutions alike are using it as their desktop environment of choice. However, nothing is so good that it doesn’t have ...

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GNU’s Network Object Model Environment

linux app

Miguel de Icaza Issue #58, February 1999 What is GNOME and where is it heading? Miguel tells us all. GNOME is an acronym for GNU’s Network Object Model Environment. GNOME addresses a number of issues that have not previously been addressed in the UNIX world, such as: Providing a consistent user interface. Providing user-friendly tools and making them powerful by ...

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Installing the Linux-ATM Software


Wayne J. Salamon Issue #58, February 1999 This article describes how to configure Linux-based PCs and an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switch to build on ATM network. The Linux ATM software (device driver and utilities) is developed and supported by Werner Almsberger in Switzerland as part of the Linux-ATM API software set (see Resources). This software contains device drivers for ...

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VNC – control MS Windows servers from Linux


Brian Harvey Issue #58, February 1999 Mr. Harvey tells us about the VNC software package and how to set it up to control MS Windows servers from Linux.     In today’s changing world, an increasing number of UNIX system administrators are finding they need to support Windows NT servers in their work environments. Whether Exchange or application servers, NT ...

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First Canadian National Linux InstallFest

why linux

Dean Staff Issue #57, January 1999 Canada has a “Linux Day”–a novel method for getting the word out. Saturday, September 26, 1998 was a big day for the Linux community in Canada—the First Canadian National Linux InstallFest was held. The InstallFest was organized on a national level by CLUE (Canadian Linux Users’ Exchange) to provide experienced help to those interested ...

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