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The Distributions Take a Stand on Standards


Norman M. Jacobowitz Issue #62, June 1999 Mr. Jacobowitz talks about standards with representatives of the various distributions by e-mail and at the LinuxWorld Expo. With all of the recent debate about standardization and the future of Linux standards, it’s natural to wonder where the major Linux distributions and other key industry players stand on the subject. So, to find ...

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Survey of Linux kernel developers

linux os

Randolph Bentson Issue #57, January 1999 Dr. Bentson did a survey of Linux kernel developers to find out about their backgrounds. Here are the results. I get mail from folks about my book, the device driver I wrote for Linux, and about articles I’ve written for Linux Journal. A few months ago I got one which said, in part: My ...

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LJ Interviews LDP’s Greg Hankins

Marjorie Richardson Issue #53, September 1998 With the next Atlanta Linux Showcase (October 23-24) looming on the horizon, I decided it was time to get in touch with Greg Hankins, coordinator of the show and maintainer of the Linux Documentation Project. With the next Atlanta Linux Showcase (October 23-24) looming on the horizon, I decided it was time to get ...

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UniForum ’98 Report

Phil Hughes Issue #52, August 1998 LJ‘s publisher flies to the east coast for the annual UniForum conference and spends more time at Linux track sessions than on the beach. I am writing this article as I fly back from the UniForum Association Spring ’98 Conference. This was only the second East Coast conference held by UniForum in its 17-year ...

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A Glimpse of Icon

Clinton Jeffery Shamim Mohamed Issue #51, July 1998 This article gives a quick introduction to the programming language Icon, developed at the University of Arizona. Linux users are early adopters of new technology, so it’s not surprising that many in the Linux community wish to use the best programming language for a given application, rather than being limited to just ...

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LJ Interviews Mr. Eid Eid of Corel Computer

Marjorie Richardson Issue #48, April 1998 Mr. Eid began work for Corel Corporation in 1989 and eventually rose to the position of Vice President of Technology. In October of last year, Corel Computer Corporation announced that its newest computer, the Corel Video Network Computer, would come with the Linux operating system installed. Wanting to know more, I asked for and ...

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Linux Helps Bring Titanic to Life

Daryll Strauss Wook Issue #46, February 1998 Digital Domain uses Linux to create high-tech visual effects for the movies. Digital Domain is an advanced full-service production studio located in Venice, California. There, we generate visual effects for feature films and commercials as well as new media applications. Our feature film credits include Interview with the Vampire, True Lies, Apollo 13, ...

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LJ Interviews Larry Augustin

Marjorie Richardson Issue #44, December 1997 I did an interview with Larry Augustin, founder and President of VA Research, by e-mail on August 19, 1997.     VA Research was founded in 1993 to develop affordable workstation, server and Internet products using the Linux operating system. I did an interview with Larry Augustin, their founder and President, by e-mail on ...

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YODL or Yet Oneother Document Language

Karel Kubat Issue #43, November 1997 Would you like to publish the texts you write in more than one format—PostScript for printing, plain ASCII for e-mail, and HTML for the a web page? YODL could be just the language you need. I wrote the first version of YODL in late 1995 and early 1996, as a general document language for ...

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An Interview with DEC

David Rusling Jon Hall Issue #37, May 1997 David Rusling and Jon “maddog” Hall talk about Digital Equipment Corporation and the porting of Linux to the 64-bit Alpha. The Alpha port of Linux actually started on two fronts, one in the Littleton, Massachusetts offices of Digital Equipment Corporation, and one on a riverboat in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first front ...

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