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Programming with the XForms Library part 3

Thor Sigvaldason Issue #41, September 1997 Part 3 shows us the means to give our game simulator a more professional appearance and to add a few goodies. In the first two articles of this series, we learned how to install XForms and began building an application (a game theory simulator). In this final article, we spruce up our program and ...

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Programming with the XForms Library, Part 2: Writing an Application

Thor Sigvaldason Issue #40, August 1997 We learn to write an application with XForms by simulating a game with 2 players and 2 actions. Last month we began this series on XForms by explaining how to install the forms library and include file. We also took a stab at programming with XForms by writing a couple of simple programs. In ...

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Programming with the XForms Library

Thor Sigvaldason Issue #39, July 1997 The XForms home page calls XForms “a GUI toolkit based on Xlib for the X Window System. It features a rich set of objects, such as buttons, sliders, and menus, etc., integrated into an easy and efficient object/event callback execution model that allows fast and easy construction of X applications.” With this first of ...

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