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Perl scripting language

larry wall

Marjorie Richardson Issue #61, May 1999 Discover a bit about Perl’s creator and what’s happening with Perl.                 I “talked” to Larry Wall, the creator of the Perl scripting language, by e-mail on March 1. Larry proved to be quite voluble, and I think you’ll find this interview fun as well as informative. ...

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Internet Servers in Perl

Mike Mull Issue #37, May 1997 In a sequel to his “Perl and Sockets” article in the March 1997 issue of Linux Journal, Mike Mull demonstrates how Perl can be used for the server end of a socket connection. In my previous article in Issue #35 of Linux Journal, I wrote about the socket library functions in Perl with an ...

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Linux Programing Hints – Prototyping Algorithms in Perl

Jim Shapiro Issue #16, August 1995 Perl is often considered a scripting language for systems administrators. Jim demonstrates that it is useful to applications and scientific programmers as well—as a prototyping tool. If you are like many Linux users you may have heard of Perl, but have been reluctant to learn another language. This was my situation several months ago. ...

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