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The Distributions Take a Stand on Standards


Norman M. Jacobowitz Issue #62, June 1999 Mr. Jacobowitz talks about standards with representatives of the various distributions by e-mail and at the LinuxWorld Expo. With all of the recent debate about standardization and the future of Linux standards, it’s natural to wonder where the major Linux distributions and other key industry players stand on the subject. So, to find ...

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LJ Interviews Przemek Klosowski

Marjorie Richardson Lydia Kinata Przemek Klosowski Issue #37, May 1997 Mr. Klosowski tells us about his users group and why it is such a success. Marjorie Richardson, Editor of Linux Journal, and Lydia Kinata, SSC Products Specialist, interviewed Przemek Klosowski, the founder of the highly successful Washington DC Linux Users Group. The interview was conducted via e-mail on January 21, ...

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Report from the Front

Magnus Y. Alvestad Issue #6, October 1994 The secratary of this volunteer group gives us the scoop on two Linux distributions. The Linux Review Group is a group of Linux users willing to donate some of their spare time to testing Linux distributions. We have approximately forty testers, plus one secretary; me. Each time a distributor wants his product tested ...

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