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The Distributions Take a Stand on Standards


Norman M. Jacobowitz Issue #62, June 1999 Mr. Jacobowitz talks about standards with representatives of the various distributions by e-mail and at the LinuxWorld Expo. With all of the recent debate about standardization and the future of Linux standards, it’s natural to wonder where the major Linux distributions and other key industry players stand on the subject. So, to find ...

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Overview Of The Debian GNU/Linux System

Ian Murdock Issue #6, October 1994 In previous columns Ian introduced the Debian system, explained the circumstances that led to its creation and detailed the motivations that keep the project alive. This month’s column will tell the reader how and where to get Debian and what it has to offer. Debian differs from other Linux distributions in many ways, a ...

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The Open Development of Debian

Ian Murdock Issue #3, June-July 1994 The Debian project has always been open to anyone wanting to participate in discussion of its development, but it was only recently that the actual task of package maintenance was allocated to members of the project. This was an extremely important step in the development of Debian, and in this month’s column I will ...

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Linux Support Phone Number : +91 120 2631048

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Linux Support by Linux India Linux India provides support to meet your needs for designing, implementing and maintaining Linux systems, and with strong ties to the Linux open Source development community, Linux India has clearly recognized as the Linux server maintenance leader. We are a One Stop Source for all Open Source Needs for any Organization. We provide cost-effective business ...

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