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Linux Expo a Smashing Success!

Norman M. Jacobowitz Eric S. Raymond Issue #52, August 1998 Read all about it… For three days in May (28, 29, 30), the normally tranquil Duke University Campus was transformed into a raucous playground for geeks and hackers as the Fourth Annual Linux Expo was held at Duke’s Bryan Center. By all accounts, this year’s Expo was a smashing success. ...

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Linus Speaks at SVLUG Meeting

Chris DiBona Issue #50, June 1998 Linus Torvalds tells the Silicon Valley users group about his current work on the Linux kernel. When we gave the job of arranging speakers to Sam Ockman, we never doubted his ability to bring in terrific speakers. His first speaker, for our January meeting, was his personal hero, H. Peter Anvin. For February, we ...

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Linus Torvalds Receives Award

LJ Staff Issue #13, May 1995 The First Annual “Excellence in Programming” Awards Presented by Dr. Dobb’s Journal San Francisco, February 16, 1995—In conjuction with its 20th year of publication, Dr. Dobb’s Journal magazine honored outstanding achievement in the field of computer programming by hosting the first annual “Excellence in Programming” awards at the Software Development `95 conference. Awards were ...

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