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Linux Expo a Smashing Success!

Norman M. Jacobowitz Eric S. Raymond Issue #52, August 1998 Read all about it… For three days in May (28, 29, 30), the normally tranquil Duke University Campus was transformed into a raucous playground for geeks and hackers as the Fourth Annual Linux Expo was held at Duke’s Bryan Center. By all accounts, this year’s Expo was a smashing success. ...

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Somebody Still Uses Assembly Language?

Richard Sevenich Issue #36, April 1997 Assembly language is a wonderful tool for teaching about how computers work. Professor Sevenich explains how it is used at WSU. In the core program for our computer science curricula we offer two assembly language courses as elements in that part of our sequence providing hardware emphasis. Although the students do learn to program ...

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A New Project or a GNU Project?

Mark Bolzern Issue #13, May 1995 How old is Linux? The Linux project was started about four years ago, but the Linux distributions are really far more than four years old. Linux is the product of many years of hard work. Everyone knows that the Linux operating system was created from scratch about four years ago, right? Actually, while the ...

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Cooking with Linux: Virtual Dramamine

Matt Welsh Issue #3, June-July 1994 In this editorial, Matt takes a look at what might happen when large companies get involved in the Linux community. I’m sure that I am not the only Linux enthusiast who is kept awake at night by the following terrible vision: One day, while flipping through one of my favorite computer rags, I come ...

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What’s GNU?

Arnold Robbins Issue #1, March 1994 Welcome to the inaugural edition of What’s GNU?, a semi-regular column on the GNU project. The “semi” in semi-regular means that we expect this column to appear in every issue of Linux Journal, but it may not happen occasionally. The content will be a mixture of “What is the GNU project”—history, motivation, status of ...

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