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CDE Plug-and-Play

George Kraft IV Issue #49, May 1998 A major strength of the Common Desktop Evnironment is its programming infrastructure, for example, ToolTalk. This article illustrates client and server plug-and-play through the use of the Desktop’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). ToolTalk, in the Common Desktop Environment (CDE), is a message brokering system that enables applications to communicate with each other without ...

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Linux Programing Hints – Prototyping Algorithms in Perl

Jim Shapiro Issue #16, August 1995 Perl is often considered a scripting language for systems administrators. Jim demonstrates that it is useful to applications and scientific programmers as well—as a prototyping tool. If you are like many Linux users you may have heard of Perl, but have been reluctant to learn another language. This was my situation several months ago. ...

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What’s GNU? (by Arnold Robbins)

Arnold Robbins Issue #2, April-May 1994 This month’s column is only peripherally related to the GNU Project, in that it describes a number of the GNU tools on you Linux system and how they might be used. What it’s really about is the “Software Tools” philosophy of program development and usage. The Software Toolbox The Software Tools philosophy was an ...

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