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UniForum ’98 Report

Phil Hughes Issue #52, August 1998 LJ‘s publisher flies to the east coast for the annual UniForum conference and spends more time at Linux track sessions than on the beach. I am writing this article as I fly back from the UniForum Association Spring ’98 Conference. This was only the second East Coast conference held by UniForum in its 17-year ...

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CeBIT ’97

Belinda Frasier Issue #39, July 1997 A report from Germany on the world’s largest computer fair. CeBIT is the world’s largest computer fair, bringing together vendors and attendees from many different countries. If you picture landscaped fairgrounds with 27 halls for vendors and even more auxiliary buildings with stores and restaurants and then add 650,000 people to the picture, all ...

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The Trade Shows

Randolph Bentson Arnold Robbins Issue #16, August 1995 While Linux Journal went to DECUS in Washington DC, Randy Bentson attended the Internet World Show and Arnold Robbins took in the sights of the East Coast Comdex. Comdex and Internet World While Linux Journal went to DECUS in Washington, DC, Randy Bentson attended the Internet World Show and Arnold Robbins took ...

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Linux at the UW Computer Fair

LJ Staff Issue #14, June 1995 This year, our booth was one of the most popular booths. On March 15 and 16, 1995, the University of Washington had its twenty-first annual Computer Fair in Seattle. In 1973 it was called the Terminal Fair because, after all, people couldn’t afford computers back then. Now this has grown to an event with ...

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Mr. Torvalds Goes to Washington

Kurt Reisler Issue #12, April 1995 Linux Torvalds will be speaking at eh Spring US DECUS Symposium in Washington D.C. this May. Once again, the US Chapter of DECUS, the DEC Users Group, is bringing Linus Torvalds, famous for his work with Linux (and for feeding Australian penguins) to the Spring US DECUS Symposium. This event is scheduled for the ...

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Linux Events LJ Staff Issue #7, November 1994

LJ Staff Issue #7, November 1994 Open Systems World and Amsterdam. Open Systems World Linux Journal will be hosting the Linux International Users Conference at the 6th Annual Open Systems World/FedUNIX ’94. The event is being held at the Washington Conference Center, Washington, D.C, during the week of November 28, and the two-day Linux Confer-ence will be on Thursday and ...

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