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LJ Interviews Mike Apgar, Speakeasy Café

Marjorie Richardson Issue #45, January 1998 Speakeasy was conceived around March of 1994. The main impetus was that while the Internet was fascinating to me, I found the necessity of access only at home to be both socially debilitating and much too slow. I interviewed Mike Apgar, owner of the Speakeasy Café in Seattle, by e-mail on July 15. I ...

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Send Your Smile by E-mail

Frank Pilhofer Issue #39, July 1997 Using UUDeview can relieve you of the problems associated with sending and receiving binary e-mail. When did you last send or receive an e-mail? Right. The WWW is fun to surf, but the true killer application on the Internet is e-mail. Another similarly popular service is the Usenet, where you can directly address a ...

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Ghosting onto the Net

Scott Steadman Issue #38, June 1997 Communicating from the office to home using a Linux server and the Internet. Background Recently I got the urge to tinker with managing my network at home in order to get some experience with Unix and heterogeneous network management. I have three Windows boxes (two with Windows 95 and one with Windows 3.1) hooked ...

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