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Survey of Linux kernel developers

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Randolph Bentson Issue #57, January 1999 Dr. Bentson did a survey of Linux kernel developers to find out about their backgrounds. Here are the results. I get mail from folks about my book, the device driver I wrote for Linux, and about articles I’ve written for Linux Journal. A few months ago I got one which said, in part: My ...

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XSuSE—Adding More to the XFree86 Offerings

Dirk H. Hohndel Issue #52, August 1998 In mid-1997, S.u.S.E. started to release a small family of X servers, called XSuSE, based on XFree86 and freely available in binary form. This paper explains who is involved in doing this, why we are doing it, what exactly we are doing and what will happen next. XFree86 is the freeware (or Open ...

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Linux Development Grant Fund

LJ Staff Issue #9, January 1995 Linux International has announced the formation of the Linux Development Grant Fund, an international fund designed to both promote development for Linux by awarding grants to Linux developers and to give Linux users a way to support Linux development in an organized and efficient fashion. Everybody wins as Linux International creates a grant fund ...

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Cooking with Linux (Matt Welsh)

Matt Welsh Issue #4, August 1994 This month, Cooking with Linux jogs your memory with a look at the history of Linux. Or, at least, that’s how we remember it… Linux users these days have it easy. Back when I was starting out with the system (around the 0.12 days), we didn’t have the luxuries of networking, documentation, DOSEMU, or ...

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