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Linux Print System at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Damian Ivereigh Issue #54, October 1998 Cisco runs a redundant system of 50 print servers using Linux, Samba and Netatalk. It prints to approximately 1,600 printers worldwide, serving 10,000 UNIX and Windows 95 users, some of whom are in mission-critical environments. At your office, can you print to the nearest printer, or do you have to use a printer set ...

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Introducing Samba

John Blair Issue #51, July 1998 When you need to network your Linux box with Windows, Samba is the way to do it. The whole point of networking is to allow computers to easily share information. Sharing information with other Linux boxes, or any UNIX host, is easy—tools such as FTP and NFS are readily available and frequently set up ...

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Virtual Interview with Jeremy Allison and Andrew Tridgell

John Blair Issue #50, June 1998 Author John Blair talks to two members of the Samba development team to discover some history and take a look at the future of the project. Andrew Tridgell and Jeremy Allison together have written the majority of the code in Samba, the popular SMB (Windows Networking) file server for UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems. ...

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Ghosting onto the Net

Scott Steadman Issue #38, June 1997 Communicating from the office to home using a Linux server and the Internet. Background Recently I got the urge to tinker with managing my network at home in order to get some experience with Unix and heterogeneous network management. I have three Windows boxes (two with Windows 95 and one with Windows 3.1) hooked ...

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Samba in the Home and Office

Peter Kelly Issue #27, July 1996 A Linux computer can be a great server, not only for other Linux computers, but also for computers running other operating systems. Peter gives an example of how to do this effectively. Linux users consistently experiment, finding uses for Linux far beyond what was even thought of five years ago, when Linux itself was ...

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