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Embedding Python in Multi-Threaded C/C++ Applications

Ivan Pulleyn Issue #73, May 2000 Python provides a clean intuitive interface to complex, threaded applications. Developers often make use of high-level scripting languages as a way of quickly writing flexible code. Various shell scripting languages have long been used to automate processes on UNIX systems. More recently, software applications have begun to provide scripting layers that allow the user ...

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The Python DB-API

Andrew M. Kuchling Issue #49, May 1998 A Python SIG has put together a DB-API standard; Mr. Kuchling gives us the details. Many people use Python because, like other scripting languages, it is a portable, platform-independent and general-purpose language that can perform the same tasks as the database-centric, proprietary 4GL tools supplied by database vendors. Like 4GL tools, Python lets ...

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Python Update

Andrew Kuchling Issue #37, May 1997 Python has evolved since we last had an article on it. Andrew Kuchling brings us up to date in this article, and we invite readers to submit suggestions for Python topics Andrew might cover in future issues of Linux Journal. What’s been happening to Python since J. Bauer’s article in Linux Journal #35? Like ...

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