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Focus: Kernel Internals

linux security

Don Marti Issue #82, February 2001 It’s Special Kernel Issue time. Expecting a thick magazine called Linux Journal to be all about Linux is like expecting a thick magazine called Martha Stewart Living to be all about Martha Stewart. No, wait, bad example. But you get the idea. Linux, which is a kernel written to comply with the POSIX standard, ...

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Survey of Linux kernel developers

linux os

Randolph Bentson Issue #57, January 1999 Dr. Bentson did a survey of Linux kernel developers to find out about their backgrounds. Here are the results. I get mail from folks about my book, the device driver I wrote for Linux, and about articles I’ve written for Linux Journal. A few months ago I got one which said, in part: My ...

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Netatalk, Linux and the Macintosh

Richard Parry Issue #45, January 1998 With Netatalk, you can drag and drop files from Linux to Mac and back, share system resources and more. Unix workstations, PCs running Windows 3.x/95/NT/Linux, FreeBSD, and other systems must be able to communicate seamlessly and share data whether they are in an engineering, business or home environment. More than one type of computer ...

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Programming with the XForms Library

Thor Sigvaldason Issue #39, July 1997 The XForms home page calls XForms “a GUI toolkit based on Xlib for the X Window System. It features a rich set of objects, such as buttons, sliders, and menus, etc., integrated into an easy and efficient object/event callback execution model that allows fast and easy construction of X applications.” With this first of ...

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Consistent Keyboard Configuration

John F. Bunch Issue #38, June 1997 Eliminate inconsistent behavior from your keyboard by following the instructions in this article. One of the convenient features of Linux is that the keyboard can be completely reconfigured to suit personal tastes. This feature can be a blessing or a curse when keys do not perform the same actions in all applications, but ...

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The /proc File System And ProcMeter

Andrew M. Bishop Issue #36, April 1997 You may rely on your electronic Rolodex to organize your life, but Linux uses the /proc file system. The /proc file system is a part of Linux that most people have not investigated deeply—perhaps may have never heard of. Like the kernel itself, it is a vital part of a Linux system. Yet ...

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Watchdog—The Linux Software Daemon

Michael Meskes Issue #34, February 1997 Here’s a program that will watch your computer for those nasty system hang ups and reboot it as needed in your absence. Starting with version 1.3.51 the Linux kernel provides a watchdog driver. Not only does it take care of hardware watchdogs, but it also implements a software watchdog. It was created by Alan ...

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Selecting Hardware for a Linux System

Phil Hughes Issue #7, November 1994 In this article Phil Hughes describes the basics of choosing a hardware platform for Linux. Although Linux software is virtually free, the required hardware isn’t. This makes some people hesitate to jump into the Linux movement. But it doesn’t need to be complicated, scary or expensive. Linux runs on most common hardware. In this ...

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Linux Code Freeze

Linus Torvalds Issue #1, March 1994 This is a general announcement of the imminent code-freeze that will hopefully make Linux 1.0 a reality. The plan has been discussed a bit with various developers already, and is already late, but is still in effect otherwise. In short, the next version of Linux (0.99.15) will be a “full-featured” release, and only obvious ...

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