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UniForum ’98 Report

Phil Hughes Issue #52, August 1998 LJ‘s publisher flies to the east coast for the annual UniForum conference and spends more time at Linux track sessions than on the beach. I am writing this article as I fly back from the UniForum Association Spring ’98 Conference. This was only the second East Coast conference held by UniForum in its 17-year ...

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The Death of Xenix

Evan Leibovitch Issue #35, March 1997 By the time you read this, the SCO in “SCO Xenix” will stand for “Software Considered Obsolete”. Is there an opportunity here? As of January 1, 1996 the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) streamlined its product offerings by dropping a number of older releases from its lineup. Until last December 31, you could still buy ...

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Free SCO OpenServer Has Its Place

Evan Leibovitch Issue #33, January 1997 Is Free SCO OpenServer free in response to Linux? Perhaps, in part, but the two operating systems aren’t really in competition with each other. The SCO package looks surprisingly like a typical Linux distribution. One CD-ROM, two boot floppies, and a leaflet tucked inside a compact package. Primary support is on the Internet, using ...

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Slackware 2.0 Released

Phil Hughes Issue #4, August 1994 Over the past few months, Slackware has become the most popular Linux distribution to be made available on the Internet. This new release will differ in one major way yet continue to offer the availability and reliability that Slackware has become known for. As LJ is just about to go to the printer, a ...

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