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The Distributions Take a Stand on Standards


Norman M. Jacobowitz Issue #62, June 1999 Mr. Jacobowitz talks about standards with representatives of the various distributions by e-mail and at the LinuxWorld Expo. With all of the recent debate about standardization and the future of Linux standards, it’s natural to wonder where the major Linux distributions and other key industry players stand on the subject. So, to find ...

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ILUG Shows Off

Shay Rojansky Issue #29, September 1996 Linux User Groups all over the world are becoming large and more active. Here’s the story of the Israeli Linux Users’ Group. Working and playing with Linux is fun, but it’s more fun to do it with others. It was for this reason that I was thrilled to hear that a group of people ...

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Linux on Low-End Hardware

Trenton B. Tuggle Issue #19, November 1995 Trappen is a low-powered Linux box on the Internet. It serves uucp e-mail and news feeds to two home Linux machines. It also provides anonymous ftp and telnet terminal capabilities. This is its story. I work in a research lab with many Unix boxes. My problem is that these boxes are dedicated to ...

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