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10 Reasons To Switch Over To Linux OS Right Now

The Linux project was announced by the Linux creator Linus Torvalds on August 25, 1991. With time, Linux has managed to earn a respectable place in the open source world. With other OS still struggling to provide security and reliability at the first place, here are 10 reasons to switch over to Linux.

Linux has been around for years and so as the other operating systems. The evidences, rumors and even frustrations from the tech world suggest that Linux still leads the way at personal as well as enterprise level.

Here are 10 reasons to switch over to Linux from other operating systems right now:

1. Linux is free:

Leave aside Apple, we all know how things and software at professional level work in Apple. Even Windows charges for upgrades. However, if you want to switch over to the Linux, you do not have to pay any extra cost. Yes, it’s completely free.

2. More Secure:

Ask people who use Windows. Ask how much they do not want unwanted things playing around their computers. Basically, you cannot survive without an antivirus.

On the other hand, Linux is unknown to a virus and so, antivirus as well. You do not have to pay much attention towards security and programs doing unwanted things in the background.

3. It’s easy to use:

Well, it might sound like a stupid statement but gone are those days when you needed to be a computer expert to use the Linux operating system. With time, the Linux has evolved and these days, Linux also offers great user interface like other operating systems. It just takes to come out of your closet and try your hands on this beautiful OS. Once acquainted with it, you might very well start enjoying playing around with the Linux.

4. It runs Free and Open Source Software (FOSS):

Not to be denied, you can pretty much install many of the proprietary titled software to your Windows. However, when it comes to running FOSS on Windows, its same as India building a dam in Pakistan on a river originated in China. You know what I mean. What’s so special about FOSS? Well, it’s free, easy to use, usually stable, and secure and versatile — the same things that make Linux special.

5. It’s Versatile:

Most of the popular operating system run on ‘One size fits all’ benchmark. When we talk about Linux, there are literally different versions that you can further customize to suit your needs. For example, if you are a gamer, you can simply install/ uninstall some packages to move from a DJ to a gamer level in Linux. This kind of flexibility is not offered in other OS. That’s why Linux is Versatile.

6. Compatibility:

Ah! when upgraded from lower versions to higher versions, many software need further up gradation. On top of that, there are compatibility issues with the hardware and drivers. Well, that’s not a regular case with the Linux. You can literally survive on a machine from even 90s.

7. Software repository:

Well, you do not have a particular store called app store or Android store or Windows store, where you might have to buy a professional version of a software. The Linux world has its own store and there, everything is for free. Linux recommends a compatible software automatically for you and also, you keep on getting automatic updates for free.

8. Regular Linux updates:

You do not have to wait every one year or every eighteen months for an upgraded software roll out and in the meantime keep struggling with the lacuna of your operating system, or trying to find a fix temporarily. Yes, in the Linux, you get regular updates along with the provision of short-short updates and that too for a particular package. Moreover, you do not need to restart your machine in all cases. It just happens like a fluke.Also read:

9. Drivers already included in Linux:

We have seen those times, when after installing an operating system, the next step we had to go for will be the long process of installation of drivers like wifi driver, Bluetooth driver, touchpad driver, graphics card driver, audio driver and much more. Well, that’s not the case with the Linux. Most of the drivers are supported by the Linux Kernel. That means you do not have to hunt around to find a driver. It’s more like plug n play.

10. Big Linux Community Support:

Linux community is probably the best thing Linux has seen. You are never alone. There are a plethora of forum where you will find the answers for your problem. If you think you can resolve the issue, you can also contribute towards it. Such support is still missing in other OS.

We hope you must have found good 10 reasons to switch over to Linux. Do leave behind your comments if you think we might have missed something.



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