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Linux Support – Space Problem with X

linux support

Various Issue #53, September 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. HP and Matrox I have an HP Pavilion that comes with an on-board ATI video card. I now have a Matrox Mystic in the computer, and when I try to run X, I get the message “configured devices not found”. I think the HP is not recognizing the Matrox, ...

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Linux Support – FTP Problem

ftp linux

Various Issue #52, August 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Ethernet Module Destruction Why does running sndconfig get my Soundblaster 16 card recognized and up and running with the correct modules but destroys my Ethernet modules loaded by kerneld? I have tried both my Intel Ether Express and SMC Ultra cards (not at the same time) and the same ...

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Linux Support – Firewall Troubles

Open Source Firewall

Various Issue #51, July 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Unfinished Boot When I try to boot, either from floppy or CD-ROM, my computer does a soft re-boot partway through the process. It doesn’t even make it to the screen which asks if you have a color monitor, although I suspect it gets close to that point. I’ve tried ...

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Linux Support – Mounting a DOS Partition in Linux

dos in linux

Various Issue #50, June 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Multithread Applications Which library do I need to use for multithread applications? I found pthread.h in /usr/include/, but I didn’t find libthread.a in /usr/lib/ as I can in AIX. —Ju Rao Slackware There is an excellent threads library available called LinuxThreads. You can download the latest version from ftp://ftp.inria.fr/INRIA/Projects/cristal/Xavier.Leroy/. ...

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Linux Support – Memory Allocation

linux memory

Various Issue #49, May 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Viruses I would like to know what can be said about viruses in a Linux system which is installed on the same hard disk as Win95. For example, what can happen if a virus infects the MBR sector (where resides LILO) or if I mount an infected MS-DOS formatted ...

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Linux Support – Migrating to Linux

migrate linnux

Various Issue #48, April 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Using ZIP Drive and Printer I want to use my ZIP drive as well as my printer with Linux. My friend suggested using kerneld to make modules of the ZIP drive and my printer so that I can load the ZIP drive, access it, then unload it to use ...

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Linux Support – Getting Started With Linux

linu os

Various Issue #47, March 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Implementing Ballistic Mouse Control I’ve been spoiled by operating systems that use “ballistic mouse” control (a fast motion of the mouse moves the mouse a lot while a slow motion moves the mouse very little). I’m using Metro-X but seem to recall the same limitation with XFree. Is there ...

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Linux Support – Linking Linux and Windows NT

windows v linux

Various Issue #45, January 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Touch Screen Support I am currently looking into the possibility of using a touch screen for my system. Which touch screens are supported by Linux? —Cheng Yap Red Hat 4.2 Touch screen support depends on the X server you are using. I’m not sure which (if any) touch screens ...

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Linux Support – Mixing Linux and NT

linu and NT

Various Issue #44, December 1997 Our experts answer your technical questions. Setting Up Linux to use Two Processors I just upgraded to a dual Pentium Pro machine. The BIOS sees the two processors but I can’t tell if Linux (Kernel 2.0.27) uses both processors. How do I make Linux use its SMP features? —Jon Bishop Red Hat 4.1 To take ...

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Linux Support – Running XDM

top linux operating system

Various Issue #43, November 1997 Our experts answer your technical questions. Forgotten Password I cannot log on. My old password doesn’t work. I am the root on this system. How can I change the password or verify my old password? —Kevin Cary Red Hat 2.0.30 This is a much debated topic since it essentially involves breaking your system’s security. The ...

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