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Linux at COMDEX/Fall

Mark Bolzern

Issue #14, June 1995

Linux International, Linux Journal, and WorkGroup Solutions have arranged for Linux to have a major presence there. But, there is a problem. We need help. This show is bigger than any of us.

COMDEX/Fall is America’s largest computer trade show. It usually has 200,000 attendees, and worldwide is second in size only to CeBit in Hanover, Germany. Traditionally, COMDEX is largely for resellers of computer technology, and is the show most often selected by major vendors for important product announcements. Many successful products trace their early launch to COMDEX Fall.

Linux International, Linux Journal, and WorkGroup Solutions have arranged for LinuxLinux Showcasedriving distance of Las Vegas would volunteer their help.

We need 3 things to pull this off:

  • Companies to take (and pay for) booths in the Linux Showcase area on the show floor. Contact Richard Kazarian at SoftBank, (617) 449-6600, and tell him that you want to be part of the Linux Showcase. Also, please let me know that you are participating. If you cannot take a booth, then become a corporate sponsor for Linux International, (www.li.org for info) and bring your literature to distribute in LI’s booth. Better yet, volunteer to help man LI’s booth, and present LI and your product, too.
  • Volunteers to submit papers for sessions they would like to present in the conference track that is being planned. Any subject is good, from “My first experience with Linux”, “How my company uses Linux”, to technical subjects on the design of the kernel, how to configure networking, etc. Virtually any subject is fair game. Please do not be shy about suggesting subjects. The range of people attending will be from people who have never heard of Linux to some of the few experts that actually exist. Your name and session information will be printed in the show conference guide, possibly your picture published, and you can use this as an impressive reference for any future resume, work or presentation you do. Volunteering gets you free admission to all conference sessions and the show floor, if your suggestion is accepted. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for travel expenses for anyone.

    You may note that, of all things, OSW (Open Systems World, in Washington D.C.) and COMDEX are the same week. For those people who would like to be present at both shows and end up in Vegas for a party weekend, Phil Hughes, publisher of Linux Journal, and I are arranging sessions at OSW the first part of the week, and at COMDEX the second half.

  • Volunteers are needed to help in Linux International’s booth, and possibly the booths of Linux Vendors who request it. Also, volunteers are needed to hand out literature to draw people to the Linux Showcase area. Volunteering gets you free admission to the show floor where the vendors are.

If this is handled well, this one event could serve to launch Linux into commercial acceptance. Please help us make Linux known as THE OS, and THE Revolution.

  • For papers, offers of help, or questions, please write to: Mark Bolzern at shows@wgs.com.
  • For information on COMDEX/Fall in general, contact Steve Engle or Richard Kazarian at SoftBank, (617) 449-6600, and tell them how excited you are that COMDEX/Fall will have a substantial Linux Focus, and that this is the reason you will attend (if true).

COMDEX/Fall will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, November 13-17, and it takes over the entire town. There are lots of parties, free food, give-aways and fun for all. If you have never been at COMDEX (everyone should do it at least once in their lives), be warned—you are likely to run into any of the people whose names you regularly see in print, from Gates to journalists. You may even speak with them. See you there.


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