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An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux

a alias Create an alias apropos Search Help manual pages (man -k) apt-get Search for and install software packages (Debian/Ubuntu) aptitude Search for and install software packages (Debian/Ubuntu) aspell Spell Checker awk Find and Replace text, database sort/validate/index b basename Strip directory and suffix from filenames bash GNU Bourne-Again SHell bc Arbitrary precision calculator language bg Send to background break ...

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 Installation Guide with Screenshots

This is the article which will guide you step-by-step installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago) with screenshots. Current stable version is 6.3 (mirror update 3). Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the best and stable Linux Operating systems. RHEL 6 Installation Guide   Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a Linux-based operating system developed by Red Hat and ...

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Types of Linux System


 Linux Linux is PC-UNIX in which the kernel was created for PC/AT compatibles by Linus Torvalds of Finland. The name is derived from the kernel’s creator.  Distribution Although Linux is originally the kernel created by Linus, it does not function as an OS generally available with only the kernel. To function as an OS, various software applications must be combined ...

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Argument on Linux is ‘Kernel‘ not an ‘OS‘

Later on when different Linux distros like Arc Linux, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora started to come into existence with better GUI (Graphical User Interface) and system softwares, which were basically customized versions of the Linux, users started to say that Linux is a Kernel not an operating system. Which has been now proved to be true : For those who are ...

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Characteristics and Architecture of Linux Oprating System

Linux has several silent features, some of the important ones are: Multiuser Capability: This is a capability of Linux OS where, the same computer resources – hard disk, memory, etc. are accessible to multiple users. Of course, not on a single terminal, they are given different terminals to operate from. A terminal will consist of at least a Monitor/VDU, keyboard and ...

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Important features of Linux Operating System

Basic Features Following are some of the important features of Linux Operating System. Portable – Portability means softwares can works on different types of hardwares in same way.Linux kernel and application programs supports their installation on any kind of hardware platform. Open Source – Linux source code is freely available and it is community based development project. Multiple teams works ...

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Components of Linux System ?

Linux Operating System has primarily three components Kernel – Kernel is the core part of Linux. It is responsible for all major activities of this operating system. It is consists of various modules and it interacts directly with the underlying hardware. Kernel provides the required abstraction to hide low level hardware details to system or application programs. System Library – ...

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Who’s Using Linux?

Application developers, system administrators, network providers, kernel hackers, multimedia authors: these are a few of the categories of people who find that Linux has a particular charm. Unix programmers are increasingly using Linux because of its cost—they can pick up a complete programming environment for a few dollars and run it on cheap PC hardware—and because Linux offers a great ...

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What are all the advantages of using Linux rather than Microsoft Windows?

Cost – The most obvious advantage of using Linux is the fact that it is free to obtain, while Microsoft products are available for a hefty and sometimes recurring fee. Microsoft licenses typically are only allowed to be installed on a single computer, whereas a Linux distribution can be installed on any number of computers, without paying a single dime. ...

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A Short History Of Linux Operating System and how it Became so Popular


Linus Torvalds ..we can call him as the founder of Linux. He was a graduate student at University of Helsinki in Finland when he initially developed Linux kernel. The story took place in early 1990‘s. In that time the available Operating Systems were DOS,Mac OS and UNIX. Lets meet another guy named Prof.Tanenbaum who was a university Professor. He used ...

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