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Linux Expo a Smashing Success!

Norman M. Jacobowitz Eric S. Raymond Issue #52, August 1998 Read all about it… For three days in May (28, 29, 30), the normally tranquil Duke University Campus was transformed into a raucous playground for geeks and hackers as the Fourth Annual Linux Expo was held at Duke’s Bryan Center. By all accounts, this year’s Expo was a smashing success. ...

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Linux Expo at Union Bank of Switzerland

Martin Sjoelin Issue #43, November 1997 Promoting Linux in the workplace… During the summer of 1997, employees of the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) put on a one-month expo to showcase Linux. This article describes how and why we did it. The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) is one of Switzerland’s three largest banks, with offices world-wide and 30,000 employees. ...

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