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Advanced Packet Data Testing with Linux

Wesley Erhart Joseph Bell Marc Hammons Mark Mains Issue #69, January 2000 At Nortel Networks, we have developed a Linux-based system for testing a second-generation packet radio service. During system development we explored the details of packet radio, the IP internals of the Linux operating system and device-driver development. What is your 56K modem doing while you ponder the sophisticated ...

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Linux is the dominant operating system

linu os

Guest Editorial: World Domination Eric Raymond Issue #69, January 2000 Eric takes a serious look at what the world will be like when Linux is the dominant operating system—or is he just kidding?           World domination. It’s a powerful and faintly sinister phrase, one you might imagine some B-movie mad scientist muttering as he puts the ...

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Voice-Over IP for Linux

Greg Herlein Issue #69, January 2000 Call your friends and family from your computer—a look at the future or the present? With Linux, the future is now. The OpenPhone Project (http://www.openphone.org/) has a simple goal—to phone-enable every computer on the planet. If a computer can browse the Web and play audio from Internet radio stations, it should be able to ...

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Networking Oddities

migrate linnux

Best of Technical Support Various Issue #68, December 1999 Our experts answer your technical questions. Partitioning I am installing and have a 3GB hard drive. I am not sure of the best way to partition it. Any suggestions? —Jes, jes2@mindspring.com You do not say what you plan to do with the disk, or what the host machine is (server? workstation?). ...

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1999 Editors’ Choice Awards

Jason Kroll Marjorie Richardson Doc Searls Peter Salus Issue #68, December 1999 Once again, it is time to present our annual awards to those we feel deserve recognition for their contributions to forwarding the Linux cause in the real world.         Welcome to the 1999 Editors’ Choice Awards, brought to you by the same cool cats who ...

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Securing Name Servers on UNIX

Nalneesh Gaur Issue #68, December 1999 Because the DNS plays such a vital role in the Internet, it is important that this service be protected and secured. The Domain Name System (DNS) is essential to the functioning of the Internet. The DNS organizes the Internet into distributed hierarchical domains. This hierarchical domain structure provides ease of administration and scalability. It ...

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Post-Installation Security Procedures

top linux operating system

Eddie Harari Issue #68, December 1999 This article discusses a few of the many procedures we must take after the install is done, so that the system will not be trivial to hack. Installing a Linux system is a relatively easy task. Most of the distributions provide automatic installation tools; these tools take care of the installation procedure from beginning ...

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Corporate Linux – Linux into a large-scale production network

linux open

Markolf Gudjons Issue #68, December 1999 Integrating Linux into a large-scale production network running SPARCs and Windows. Linux has come a long way in these past few years, no longer a geek toy and well on its way to being a mainstream operating system. Linus Torvalds, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, is striving for world domination; however, one of ...

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Linux VPN

David Morgan Issue #68, December 1999 A look into VPNs—what they are and how they work. Commercial Virtual Private Network (VPN) products are becoming widespread. They let confidential data safely take the “free ride” offered by the Internet, compensating for the Net’s intrinsic lack of security. A Linux VPN can be constructed several ways. One is outlined in the clever ...

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SIS Drivers Problem

linux support

Best of Technical Support Various Issue #67, November 1999 Our experts answer your technical questions. Synchronizing Clocks I would like to know how best to synchronize the clocks of the various Linux boxes (various kernels and distributions) on my LAN. —John Morley, jmorley@grafton.demon.co.uk You should try NTP: www.eecis.udel.edu/~ntp. NTP software is included in common Linux distributions such as Red Hat. ...

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