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Difficulty adding users on Red Hat 5.1.

linux support

Best of Technical Support Various Issue #65, September 1999 Our experts answer your technical questions. Adding New Users I am having extreme difficulty adding users on Red Hat 5.1. I’ve used various methods to add them to my system via the adduser command and through various X control-panel programs. When I add them, everything seems to go well, and they ...

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Capabilities of Netscape’s web browser

Larry Hoff Issue #65, September 1999 Extending Netscape’s ability to handle additional file formats. Plug-ins are a powerful mechanism for extending the capabilities of Netscape’s web browser. Using plug-ins, the browser can display files in formats that were not even conceived of when the browser was developed, such as multimedia files embedded within larger web pages. This allows web pages ...

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Multilink PPP: Network management

many circuit one pipe

 George E. author) Issue #65, September 1999 MLPPP gives network managers the power to deliver WAN bandwidth on demand using an array of services. Network management is a little like alchemy: take a dash or two of ISDN, add some frame relay, throw in a couple of routers, mix them all together, and somehow, some way, the result is bandwidth ...

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