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KDE—K Desktop Environment

Kalle Dalheimer Issue #70, February 2000 Ready to jazz up your KDE desktop—get KDE 2.0. The KDE team is working full steam on the next release of the K Desktop Environment which is planned for spring 2000, so it is time to look at what the new version will have in store. When you first install one of the beta ...

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KDE: The K Desktop Environment

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Kalle Dalheimer Issue #58, February 1999 Mr. Dalheimer describes some of the plans being made for future versions of KDE.   The K Desktop Environment (KDE, see http://www.kde.org/) has already generated a lot of interest, and many individual users and institutions alike are using it as their desktop environment of choice. However, nothing is so good that it doesn’t have ...

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A First Look at KDE Programming

David Sweet Issue #52, August 1998 Mr. Sweet teaches us how to write an application for the KDE desktop—for the experienced GUI programmer. The stated goal of the K Desktop Environment, KDE, is to provide a free, user-friendly desktop for Linux/UNIX systems. The project’s participants began by providing a window manager (kwm/kpanel) and a file manager (kfm) and retrofitting popular ...

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