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Tetrate Launched, Google Chrome 73 Released, Godot 3.1 Is Now Available, Enroll to Try Android Q Beta, and Pi Day Live Stream Event and Contest

Tetrate, a new enterprise-grade service mesh from the creators of gRPC and Istio, launched yesterday. Varun Talwar, CEO of Tetrate and formerly co-creator of Istio at Google, says “Tetrate’s mission is to create a secure and flexible application networking layer to help enterprises transition from their decades-old rigid networking stack. Our tools and technologies will help customers with availability and ...

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How to configure a static IP address on Linux

When you need a Linux system to have a static IP address rather than one that is set dynamically by DHCP, all that’s required is some configuration changes and a restart. Follow these steps to make the switch. IP addresses on Linux systems are often assigned automatically by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers. These are referred to as “dynamic addresses” ...

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VMware Rolls Out Essential PKS

Virtualization vendor brings commercial support to upstream Kubernetes. VMware is launching a new Kubernetes solution called VMware Essential PKS. Essential PKS includes an upstream Kubernetes version backed with commercial support by VMware. The new solution is designed to address the needs of users who want vendor support without the heavy customization and modification often associated with vendor-distributed Kubernetes alternatives. Essential PKS also ...

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Purism Announces PureOS Is Now Convergent, LibreOffice 6.2.1 Now Available, Security Patch for Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS, Bugfix Update for Plasma 5 and KaOS 2019.02 Recently Released

Purism announces that PureOS is now convergent, which means “being able to make the same application code execute, and operate, both on mobile phones and laptops—adapting the applications to screen size and input devices”. With PureOS, Purism “has laid the foundation for all future applications to run on both the Librem 5 phone and Librem laptops, from the same PureOS ...

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LINUX PICKS AND PANS EasyOS Teaches an Old Dog New Tricks

xl  linux review

EasyOS is an experimental Linux distribution that either will renew your passion for using something different or leave you disappointed in its oddball approach to computing. EasyOS is a blend of the best ideas from Puppy Linux and the now discontinued Quirky Linux. I have used several of the popular Puppy Linux variants over the years. I adopted Quirky Linux a few years ...

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Linux Lite Users Are the First to Try Linux Kernel 5.0, Here’s How to Install It

linux lite users are the first to try linux kernel   here s how to install it

Linux Lite users are among the first to try the recently released Linux 5.0 kernel on their computers powered by one of the supported Linux Lite releases. Released last weekend, Linux kernel 5.0 is a major milestone with minor improvements. Linux Lite developer and founder Jerry Bezencon is usually among the first to offer a new major kernel series to his users, and you ...

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New Crypto-mining Group Targeting Linux Servers, Creative Commons Holding a 24-Hour Web-a-thon for Open Education Week, Canonical Announces Support for Containerd, JDK Mission Control Now Available in Fedora 29 and Google Is Speeding Up the Back Button

A new crypto-mining group is targeting Linux servers. According to ZDNet, the attackers, called Pacha Group, are believed to be from China and have been attacking Linux servers since this past fall, inserting malware that mines cryptocurrency. Security researchers at Intezer discovered that the attackers “use brute-force attacks to compromise services like WordPress or PhpMyAdmin, and once they have an initial ...

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B0r0nt0K Ransomware Threatens Linux Servers

xl  ransomware

A new cryptovirus called “B0r0nt0K” has been putting Linux and possibly Windows Web servers at risk of encrypting all of the infected domain’s files. The new ransomware threat and the ransom of 20 bitcoins (about US$75,000) first came to light last week, based on a post on Bleeping Computer’s user forum. A client’s website had all its files encrypted and renamed with ...

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Securely And Efficiently Backup Data On Linux Or macOS With Vorta (BorgBackup GUI)

Vorta is a fairly new GUI for BorgBackup (or Borg for short), a command line backup tool with encryption, deduplication, compression and validation. Both Vorta and BorgBackup are free and open source software, and they run on Linux and macOS. BorgBackup a secure, deduplicating backup program BorgBackup is a secure and efficient command line backup tool that can store the data ...

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Purism Announces PureBoot to Help You Better Secure Your Linux Computers

purism announces pureboot to help you better secure your linux computers

Purism announced PureBoot, a centralized, highly secure, and complete boot process for its Linux-powered computers and everyone else who wants to better secure their Linux PCs.  Dubbed “the high security boot process,” PureBoot promises to be a complete and secured solution for more secure boot process on laptop and desktop computers that run a Linux-based operating system, including Purism’s Debian-based PureOS, which comes ...

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