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The Past and Future of Linux Standards

xl  linux review

Daniel Quinlan Issue #62, June 1999 “The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.” –Professor Andrew S. Tanebaum (author of MINIX). Despite their well-earned reputation as a source of confusion, standards are one of the enabling factors behind the success of Linux. If it were not for the adoption of the right ...

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Introduction to Multi-Threaded Programming

linux network monitoring

Brian Masney Issue #61, May 1999 A description of POSIX thread basics for C programmers. The purpose of this article is to provide a good foundation of the basics of threaded programming using POSIX threads and is not meant to be a complete source for thread programming. It assumes the reader has a good strong foundation in C programming. A ...

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Linux makes a good DSP development system


Ian V. McLoughlin Issue #61, May 1999 Follow the development of speech algorithms for digital radios through the complete project life cycle. In this article, I describe a Linux success story based on researching and developing DSP (Digital Signal Processing) speech coding algorithms. I chose Linux over Windows for good reasons—reasons that may provide you with ammunition to persuade the ...

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Java – a complete programming environment


Ian Darwin Issue #61, May 1999 Mr. Darwin takes a look at Java and describes the steps for writing a user interface in Java. If you looked at the earliest versions of Java and concluded that its GUI development toolkit wasn’t quite ready for prime time, it’s time to look again. The Java Foundation Classes (JFC) introduced with Java Version ...

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CORBA Program Development, Part 1

linux app

J. Mark Shacklette Jeff Illian Issue #61, May 1999 The authors provide some basics to get the new CORBA programmer started. CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) is one of those acronyms for which most people have some “feel”, others have some interest, but very few have any real experience. This is the first article in a series of three ...

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Perl scripting language

larry wall

Marjorie Richardson Issue #61, May 1999 Discover a bit about Perl’s creator and what’s happening with Perl.                 I “talked” to Larry Wall, the creator of the Perl scripting language, by e-mail on March 1. Larry proved to be quite voluble, and I think you’ll find this interview fun as well as informative. ...

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Network Administration with AWK

Linux Network Environment

Juergen Kahrs Issue #60, April 1999 If you are looking for an easy way to access your network services, AWK scripting provides the means. What does the scripting language AWK have to do with networking? In the May 1996 LJ, Ian Gordon introduced us to AWK and demonstrated how to solve common problems with this scripting language that is part ...

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Using Linux with Network Computers


Brian Vincent Issue #60, April 1999 A look at one man’s experiences setting up Linux as an application and boot server for Neoware network computers. For over three years, the computer industry has been touting the benefits of network computers, including higher reliability, lower cost of ownership and simpler administration. Yet despite this, few people have seen a network computer. ...

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Linux made it possible to build FlowNet


Erann Gat Mike Ciholas Issue #60, April 1999 A look at current state-of-the-art network hardware and protocols with a solution for the slow network problem. We have been using Linux to develop a new high-speed network we call FlowNet. This project has been a “virtual garage” operation, involving only two people, one in California and the other (at various times) ...

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Corel’s NetWinder – NetWinder runs on Linux


Marcel Gagné Issue #60, April 1999 A review of this networking computer from Canada. Manufacturer: Corel Computer URL: http// Price: Varies with model, see web site Reviewer: Marcel Gagné Corel’s NetWinder has to be one of the coolest computers I’ve ever seen. The slick little grey box makes me think of those cream-filled half-moon cakes with a little chunk taken ...

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