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Linux Events LJ Staff Issue #11, March 1995

LJ Staff

Issue #11, March 1995

Awards, UniForum and more.

Software Development `95-Excellence In Programming Award

Dr. Dobb’s Journal is presenting Linus Torvalds with a “Dr. Dobb’s Journal Excellence In Programming” Award in a special presentation on February 16, 1995, 11:00 a.m. at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

UniForum and Usenix, March 1995

UniForum, March 14-16, Dallas, Texas-UniForum will have a Linux Showcase, a clustering of Linux Exhibitors. Linux topics will be presented to conference attendees and there will be various Linux BOFS. (Birds of a Feather Sessions).

Usenix (Technical Conference):E-mail: office@usenix.org WWW URL: www.uniforum.orgPhone: 510-528-8649

UniForum (Exhibits) Registration Phone (The Interface Group): (617) 449-6600, FAX: (617) 449-2674.

University of Washington Computer Fair

March 16, HUB Auditorium, UW, Seattle, Washington, Phil Hughes speaks on “Linux-THE Unix for PCs”.

DECUS `95 in Washington DC

DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society) Conference, May 6-11 at the Washington DC Convention Center. Linus Torvalds will be speaking. Two Day Linux Track on May 10 and 11. Contact: DECUS Customer Service 1-800-DECUS55 (US or Canada) or Phone: 508-841-7800. FAX: 508-841-3357. E-mail: information@decus.org.


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