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LJ Interviews LDP’s Greg Hankins

Marjorie Richardson Issue #53, September 1998 With the next Atlanta Linux Showcase (October 23-24) looming on the horizon, I decided it was time to get in touch with Greg Hankins, coordinator of the show and maintainer of the Linux Documentation Project. With the next Atlanta Linux Showcase (October 23-24) looming on the horizon, I decided it was time to get ...

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Chess Software for Linux

linux chess

Chess Software for Linux Jason Kroll Issue #53, September 1998 Once there was a time when chess software for the home was slow, weak and expensive. To find human opponents, you had to go to your local chess club. Today, the situations is different. Linux offers a host of chess software that provides master strength computer opponents and analysis, and ...

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A Tale of DXPC: Differential X Protocol Compression

Justin Gaither Issue #53, September 1998 When you have a slow modem and want faster transfer rates, data compression with this program is the answer.         Once upon a time there was a frustrated engineer who needed a faster way to remotely display X clients on his home PC. He had a new daughter, and very much ...

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Porting MS-DOS Graphics Applications

Jawed Karim Issue #53, September 1998 Are you hesitant about porting your favorite VGA MS-DOS program to Linux? Using this tutorial and SVGALIB, porting will truly become a matter of minutes. I first started VGA programming under MS-DOS, using the popular DJGPP C compiler. In recent years, this protected-mode 32-bit compiler, which is basically an MS-DOS port of gcc, has ...

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Linux Support – FTP Problem

ftp linux

Various Issue #52, August 1998 Our experts answer your technical questions. Ethernet Module Destruction Why does running sndconfig get my Soundblaster 16 card recognized and up and running with the correct modules but destroys my Ethernet modules loaded by kerneld? I have tried both my Intel Ether Express and SMC Ultra cards (not at the same time) and the same ...

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Linux Expo a Smashing Success!

Norman M. Jacobowitz Eric S. Raymond Issue #52, August 1998 Read all about it… For three days in May (28, 29, 30), the normally tranquil Duke University Campus was transformed into a raucous playground for geeks and hackers as the Fourth Annual Linux Expo was held at Duke’s Bryan Center. By all accounts, this year’s Expo was a smashing success. ...

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UniForum ’98 Report

Phil Hughes Issue #52, August 1998 LJ‘s publisher flies to the east coast for the annual UniForum conference and spends more time at Linux track sessions than on the beach. I am writing this article as I fly back from the UniForum Association Spring ’98 Conference. This was only the second East Coast conference held by UniForum in its 17-year ...

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XSuSE—Adding More to the XFree86 Offerings

Dirk H. Hohndel Issue #52, August 1998 In mid-1997, S.u.S.E. started to release a small family of X servers, called XSuSE, based on XFree86 and freely available in binary form. This paper explains who is involved in doing this, why we are doing it, what exactly we are doing and what will happen next. XFree86 is the freeware (or Open ...

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Muscle Flexes Smart Cards into Linux

David Corcoran Issue #52, August 1998 The newest kind of card for your pocketbook offers better security for the information it holds. Credit card companies successfully marketed the silver card, the gold card and the platinum card. Precious metals represent wealth, and we were supposed to associate that notion with something less tangible—card security. In today’s society, better security for ...

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Linux Stampede

David Haraburda Issue #52, August 1998 The new kid on the block—Stampede Linux.       Stampede Linux was created because of our dissatisfaction with other distributions. We found that while other distributions had many useful features, none of them had everything we wanted. While the development team recognizes perfection is an unachievable goal, the driving force behind the development ...

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