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Yellow Dog Linux on the iMac

Stew Benedict Issue #76, August 2000 A guide to installing and running YDL on a power PC. First, a disclaimer: I’m not a fanatic Macintosh guy. I got a Macintosh late in my computing career, just last year in fact—an iMac. I was working on a cross-platform Tcl/Tk project, and I was getting pretty involved in fine-tuning the GUI for ...

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X Marks the Spot

Best of Technical Support Various Issue #69, January 2000 Our experts answer your technical questions. X Marks the Spot My system worked fine for a few months, but now I’m facing some problems with it. When using X, the system suddenly freezes. Neither the keyboard nor the mouse responds. I can’t telnet to my computer—nothing works. Log files tell nothing—just ...

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