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Setting Up a SPARCstation

John Little Issue #42, October 1997 A gentle introduction to Sun Workstations and installing Red Hat Linux SPARC 4.0. Many PC users have taken the plunge into the Unix world with Linux and, I imagine, quite a few Unix die-hards like me have taken their first, faltering steps with PC hardware, using Linux, too. I have to say that for ...

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Linux Programming Hints (Michael K. Johnson)

Michael K. Johnson Issue #4, August 1994 In this month’s column, I said that I would give a simple screen-locking example that uses the VT, or Virtual Terminal, ioctl()’s that I documented in that column. In case you can’t remember or didn’t read last month’s column, the VT ioctl()’s allow you to specify from a user program what the kernel ...

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