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PracTCL Programming Tips

Stephen Uhler Issue #16, August 1995 This month, we inaugurate a bimonthly column for Tcl/Tk programmers. Stephen Uhler will cover some useful but perhaps poorly-known or poorly-understood features of the Tcl language and the Tk windowing toolkit. For those new to the Tcl language, the name of this column might be confusing: Tcl is pronounced “tickle”. This column will be ...

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Linux Programing Hints – Prototyping Algorithms in Perl

Jim Shapiro Issue #16, August 1995 Perl is often considered a scripting language for systems administrators. Jim demonstrates that it is useful to applications and scientific programmers as well—as a prototyping tool. If you are like many Linux users you may have heard of Perl, but have been reluctant to learn another language. This was my situation several months ago. ...

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