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Creating Animations with POV-Ray

Andy Vaught Issue #36, April 1997 This article is an introduction to animation using Persistence of Vision ray tracing to create a mailbox that doesn’t just sit there. Silicon Graphics workstations come with a mail notification program called “mailbox”, that informs the window system user if any mail awaits. Instead of displaying a simple bitmap like the xbiff program, mailbox ...

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Introducing Real-Time Linux

Michael Barabanov Victor Yodaiken Issue #34, February 1997 While Linux seems a natural solution for many applications, when milliseconds become critical, a robust multitasking environment may be too busy. RT-Linux gets the system under control to meet real-time computing needs. If you wanted to control a camera or a robot or a scientific instrument from a PC, it would be ...

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Satellite Tracking with Linux

Kenneth E. Harker Issue #33, January 1997 Looking for something fun to do with your Linux box? One of the most impressive applications available for Linux is SatTrack 3.1 for Unix. Looking for something fun to do with your Linux box? One of the most impressive applications I’ve seen available for Linux is SatTrack 3.1 for Unix by Manfred Bester. ...

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Getting to Know gdb

Michael Loukides Andy Oram Issue #29, September 1996 It’s worth making friends with a good C debugger. There are many reasons you might need a debugger—the most obvious being that you’re a programmer and you’ve written an application that doesn’t work right. Beyond this, Linux depends heavily both on sharing source code and on porting code from other Unix systems. ...

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Frank B. Brokken K. Kubat Issue #4, August 1994 In part 1, Brokken and Kubat explained where the ideas for icmake came from, the basics of the program and where you can get a copy. In Parts 2 and 3 we covered the grammar of icmake source files. In this final part of the article we show examples of the ...

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Linux Programming Hints

Michael K. Johnson Issue #2, April-May 1994 In this column, I’ll explore the GNU C Library. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has written an excellent reference manual, available in an electronic form that can be printed or read on-line, but I think that an introduction will help some people get started. Introduction to the GNU C Library In this column, ...

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