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An Introduction to OpenSSL Programming, Part I of II

Eric Rescorla Issue #89, September 2001 Do you have a burning need to build a simple web client and server pair? Here’s why OpenSSL is for you. The quickest and easiest way to secure a TCP-based network application is with SSL. If you’re working in C, your best choice is probably to use OpenSSL (http://www.openssl.org/). OpenSSL is a free (BSD-style ...

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Focus: Program Development

Don Marti Issue #87, July 2001 Have fun with these development tools, but don’t forget to take a break from coding and read something. Read more. I know it sounds like something you might see on a bookmobile poster, but seriously, read more. There are so many tools for writing stuff, and so many places to distribute what we write, ...

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