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Linux Print System at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Damian Ivereigh Issue #54, October 1998 Cisco runs a redundant system of 50 print servers using Linux, Samba and Netatalk. It prints to approximately 1,600 printers worldwide, serving 10,000 UNIX and Windows 95 users, some of whom are in mission-critical environments. At your office, can you print to the nearest printer, or do you have to use a printer set ...

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Netatalk, Linux and the Macintosh

Richard Parry Issue #45, January 1998 With Netatalk, you can drag and drop files from Linux to Mac and back, share system resources and more. Unix workstations, PCs running Windows 3.x/95/NT/Linux, FreeBSD, and other systems must be able to communicate seamlessly and share data whether they are in an engineering, business or home environment. More than one type of computer ...

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