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LinuxPPC on the Macintosh PowerBook

Richard Kinne Issue #76, August 2000 Graphical installation environments help Macintosh play better than ever with Linux. To say Linux has undergone a growth in popularity over the last few years is, of course, an understatement. One cannot read any computer-related medium today without being bombarded with news and views on the Linux operating system. Some would even have you ...

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Netatalk, Linux and the Macintosh

Richard Parry Issue #45, January 1998 With Netatalk, you can drag and drop files from Linux to Mac and back, share system resources and more. Unix workstations, PCs running Windows 3.x/95/NT/Linux, FreeBSD, and other systems must be able to communicate seamlessly and share data whether they are in an engineering, business or home environment. More than one type of computer ...

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Linux Makes The Big Leagues

Sam Williams Issue #44, December 1997 This report on the HP conference freatures the announcement by Hewlett Packard of a port of MkLinux to its HP PA-RISC machines. It may seem odd to be reading about an HP conference in Linux Journal. The fact of the matter is that interest in Linux is growing world wide. Many hardware vendors are ...

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