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An Interview with DEC

David Rusling Jon Hall Issue #37, May 1997 David Rusling and Jon “maddog” Hall talk about Digital Equipment Corporation and the porting of Linux to the 64-bit Alpha. The Alpha port of Linux actually started on two fronts, one in the Littleton, Massachusetts offices of Digital Equipment Corporation, and one on a riverboat in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first front ...

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Linux on Alpha: A Strategic Choice

Jon “maddog” Hall Issue #18, October 1995 A true story of love at first sight. “Leyenooks?,” I asked, “What is that?” I must admit that I was skeptical. Although the young man in front of me seemed amicable enough, it was hard to imagine that he headed up an effort to create a freeware Unix-like operating system. However, Kurt Reisler ...

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