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Welcome to the India Linux Organisation!

Welcome to Linux India

Linux India has been formed with the following objectives

  • Foster the growth of Linux in India
  • Share the joy of using Linux
  • Help current and future Linux users

Linux is a stable, reliable and complete computing platform when compared to other commercial operating systems available. Linux, currently, is increasingly being used in businesses as a back-end server. It serves as a file/print/webserver sitting in a corner of a server room, executing jobs faithfully and reliably. Linux will be used more and more in what it does best – as a server. Linux will move from the server rooms of these offices to the desks of the users. The number of productivity applications for Linux is growing and will grow to reach the critical mass where, Linux will be a viable alternative to the most popular of the desktop operating system environments. Linux India will actively participate in the growth of Linux in India – both in corporates and homes.

Stop software ‘piracy’, support Open Source !

Is commercial software too expensive or piracy against your ethics?
Afraid of the BSA raiding your home or business ?
Start using Open Source software ! For everything you do, a free (‘no strings attached’) Open Source alternative exists.

Open Source software enables !

Since money is not a motivating factor, Open Source software is generally to the point, lacks spyware, open to contribute, open to discuss internals, evolving and improving. It is a key enabler to progress quickly for whatever (automation) task at hand and it gives you the opportunity to go deeper into computing. You can learn how things work and fix it if you like.

Thank you for visiting the Linux India web site. This site is for you, the FLOSS user in India! You can use the resources on this site to:

  • Get access to the latest Linux/FLOSS news in India
  • Create and publish your own web site
  • Get a quick look at upcoming Liunux/FLOSS events
  • Search for jobs (and people appropriate for jobs)
  • Find a Linux User Group (LUG) near you
  • …and much more

Please create an account and edit your personal page to get a feel of what can be done with this site. The only tools you need are this browser, your mouse and your keyboard.

Soliciting greetings for this page in Indian languages.  Please mail webmaster (at) linux-india (dot) org if you can help with more languages.