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Linux on Carrier Grade Web Servers

Ibrahim Haddad Makan Pourzandi Issue #84, April 2001 Ibrahim and Makan describe and test the Linux Virtual Server. ARIES (Advanced Research on Internet E-Servers) is a project that started at Ericsson Research Canada in January 2000. It aimed at finding and prototyping the necessary technology to prove the feasibility of a clustered internet server that demonstrates telecom-grade characteristics using Linux ...

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Focus: Internet/Intranet

Don Marti Issue #84, April 2001 Three key problems face Linux as an internet platform today: security, proprietary software and the high cost of popularity. Naturally, Linux Journal will help you attack all three. Linux comes from the Internet and thrives on the Internet. As the desktop Linux community struggles with proprietary formats and user lock-in, you might think those ...

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