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The Linux Telephony Kernel API

Greg Herlein Issue #82, February 2001 Herlein explains the integration of the telephony device driver into the Linux kernel. A year ago, Internet Telephony was a curiosity, and many people thought it would never work for real phone calls. Now, with services like Net2Phone, Deltathree.com and DialPad providing free or extremely low-priced phone calls delivered via the Internet, Voice over ...

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Voice-Over IP for Linux

Greg Herlein Issue #69, January 2000 Call your friends and family from your computer—a look at the future or the present? With Linux, the future is now. The OpenPhone Project (http://www.openphone.org/) has a simple goal—to phone-enable every computer on the planet. If a computer can browse the Web and play audio from Internet radio stations, it should be able to ...

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Linux as a Telephony Platform

David Sugar Issue #43, November 1997 Using Linux as a base to implement advanced telphony applications. In “Let Linux Speak” (LJ, January, 1997), I demonstrated some fun applications for the SPO256 text-to-speech board. Buried in that article was a brief discussion on the potential for using text-to-speech as a telephony resource and for using Linux as a telephony services platform. ...

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