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Corel’s NetWinder – NetWinder runs on Linux


Marcel Gagné Issue #60, April 1999 A review of this networking computer from Canada. Manufacturer: Corel Computer URL: http//www.corelcomputer.com/ Price: Varies with model, see web site Reviewer: Marcel Gagné Corel’s NetWinder has to be one of the coolest computers I’ve ever seen. The slick little grey box makes me think of those cream-filled half-moon cakes with a little chunk taken ...

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LJ Interviews Mr. Eid Eid of Corel Computer

Marjorie Richardson Issue #48, April 1998 Mr. Eid began work for Corel Corporation in 1989 and eventually rose to the position of Vice President of Technology. In October of last year, Corel Computer Corporation announced that its newest computer, the Corel Video Network Computer, would come with the Linux operating system installed. Wanting to know more, I asked for and ...

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