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Linux Directories Explanation Part- 2

/run This is differently and distros use it in slightly different way. It’s a tempFS file system which means it runs in RAM. In other words, everything is gone when system is rebooted or shut down, it’s used for processes that start early in the boot procedure to store runtime information that they use to function. /snap This is a ...

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Linux Directories Explanation Part-1

xl  linux review

In this blog we will discuss about Linux directories for new Linux users coming from Windows. Windows and Linux evolved in very different ways. Linux is different so is its file structure, it also doesn’t install application like windows does. Let’s go end-to-end directories- /bin /bin in being short for “binaries” these are the most basic binaries which is another ...

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How to Dualboot and Multiboot Linux

dual boot

How to dual boot and multi boot Linux and Windows. Requirements A computer preinstalled with windows 10. A good internet connection(for downloading Linux and required software) Backup your windows data to an external disk(optional yet recommended) A Windows 10 live USB/disk or boot-repair disk(optional for preventive measures) A USB disk of capacity of more than 2 GB. Download Ubuntu So, ...

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