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SpeakUp Trojan Targets Linux Servers

Researchers at Check Point have found a new Trojan called SpeakUp that’s infecting Linux servers. SpeakUp exploits known vulnerabilities in Linux and is targeting servers in China. According to Check Point, “SpeakUp acts to propagate internally within the infected subnet, and beyond to new IP ranges, exploiting remote code execution vulnerabilities. In addition, SpeakUp presented the ability to infect Mac ...

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Linux Kernel Continues To Offer Mitigation for Spectre Mitigation

Kernel 4.19 has added another family of Spectre vulnerabilities to its list of mitigating the mitigation. Usually, you want to mitigate all possible vulnerabilities unless we are talking about Meltdown and Spectre which are a class or family of dozens of vulnerabilities. But what sysadmins hate more than these vulnerabilities are mitigations offered to these vulnerabilities. Some of these mitigations have a ...

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Linux Task Apps: Plenty of Goodies in These Oldies

xl  task management

If you need a task manager application to run on your Linux operating system, tap into a software category filled with options that go far beyond the to-do list app you have stuffed into your smartphone. Keeping up to date with multiple daily activity calendars, tons of information, and never-ending must-do lists can become a never-ending challenge. This week’s Linux ...

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