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Linux Network Programming, Part 3

Ivan Griffin Mark Donnelly PhD. John Nelson Issue #48, April 1998 This month we are presented with an introduction to the networking of distributed objects and the use of CORBA. In the last few articles in this series, we dealt with basic low-level network programming in Linux, and with the issues involved in developing network servers (daemons). However, coding at ...

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Linux Network Programming, Part 2

Ivan Griffin John Nelson Issue #47, March 1998 In part 2 of our series we learn how to design and code network daemons to serve our clients well. Daemon processes are servers which run in the background servicing various clients. You should be aware of the following few issues when creating daemon processes. During development, it is always advisable to ...

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Linux Network Programming, Part 1

Ivan Griffin PhD. John Nelson Issue #46, February 1998 This is the first of a series of articles about how to devlop networked applications using the various interfaces available on Linux. Like most other Unix-based operating systems, Linux supports TCP/IP as its native network transport. In this series, we will assume you are fairly familiar with C programming on Linux ...

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