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An Interview with DEC

David Rusling Jon Hall Issue #37, May 1997 David Rusling and Jon “maddog” Hall talk about Digital Equipment Corporation and the porting of Linux to the 64-bit Alpha. The Alpha port of Linux actually started on two fronts, one in the Littleton, Massachusetts offices of Digital Equipment Corporation, and one on a riverboat in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first front ...

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Interview: Caldera’s Bryan Sparks

Phil Hughes Issue #33, January 1997 Where does Caldera go next? LJ Interviewed their President and CEO Bryan Sparks to find out. I had an opportunity to talk to Bryan Sparks at the Unix Expo trade show in New York on October 9. In the past, Caldera has offered a different sort of Linux to the market—one aimed at the ...

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Interview: Orest Zborowski

Phil Hughes Issue #15, July 1995 On April 25, over a sushi lunch, Phil Hughes interviewed Orest Zborowski, the person who wrote X-Windows to Linux. Phil: I would like to get a little background on you. Orest: I grew up in Connecticut and then got a degree from Duke in North Carolina. I had a dual major in Electrical Engineering ...

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Interview with Mark Bolzern

Linux Journal Staff Issue #14, June 1995 Mark Bolzern talks about a recent trip spent promoting Linux and Flagship, the product he sells for Linux and other Unix-like systems. Mark Bolzern is the President of WorkGroup Solutions, Inc, a company selling the FlagShip CA-Clipper language product, and is also a board member of Linux International. When we heard that he ...

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