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Free SCO OpenServer Has Its Place

Evan Leibovitch Issue #33, January 1997 Is Free SCO OpenServer free in response to Linux? Perhaps, in part, but the two operating systems aren’t really in competition with each other. The SCO package looks surprisingly like a typical Linux distribution. One CD-ROM, two boot floppies, and a leaflet tucked inside a compact package. Primary support is on the Internet, using ...

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Linux on Alpha: A Strategic Choice

Jon “maddog” Hall Issue #18, October 1995 A true story of love at first sight. “Leyenooks?,” I asked, “What is that?” I must admit that I was skeptical. Although the young man in front of me seemed amicable enough, it was hard to imagine that he headed up an effort to create a freeware Unix-like operating system. However, Kurt Reisler ...

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