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Natural Selection in a Linux Universe

evolving penguin

Travis Metcalfe Ed Nather Issue #65, September 1999 Astronomers at the University of Texas-Austin are using the ideas of Charles Darwin to learn about the interior of white dwarf stars—using a minimal parallel Linux cluster tailored specifically to their application. Astronomers worry about how stars work. Our current models describe stars as huge, hot gasballs, bloated and made luminous by ...

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Cooking with Linux—The French Connection

Marcel Gagné Issue #65, September 1999 Mr. Gagné provides us with several recipes from his famed French restaurant. Allo, and welcome to Chez Marcel, home of fine French Linux cooking. Please take a seat. If you have not already done so, I would like you to read this article with a somewhat exaggerated French accent since that is the way ...

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Trying to Install OpenLinux

linux support

Best of Technical Support Various Issue #76, August 2000 Our experts answer your technical questions. Two Monitors? Is it possible in Linux (I don’t care which distribution, I mean the system architecture) to have two screens, i.e., two monitors on the same machine? Also with two graphics cards, of course. Is it possible to have them running together, either in ...

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Linux Finance Programs Review

Ralph Krause Issue #76, August 2000 We continually hear “I would only use Linux except I need to …”. One of those missing pieces has been to run Quicken. Find out what programs are available for Linux that offer an alternative to Quicken. As Linux finds its way onto more and more computers, the need for a broader range of ...

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